Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Having fun while learning

A while back while listening to Jim Rohn he said you should carry a notebook to list things that you want to learn more about. Me being a list person of course I had to start doing this. I loved the idea doing this and thought that my list would be a mile long but I guess I was wrong or I am being choosy on want to put on the list. Things I have put on my list are things that I have seen on tv or read in a book that interest me and that I want to know more about. For me this is a fun way of learning. The reason I think this is fun is because no one is telling me I have to do it, nor telling me what I have to learn. Learning is a good thing without it we would not grow as a person. Lately I have also been learning by listening to self help books. Now I am not normally one for doing this but I have found that listening to certain people talk about how to be happier and change my life on my long commute to work has actually helped me to relax in the heavy traffic.

Right now I am listening to Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff. If you have a change to either listen to this book or read it you will be happy that you did. I have been learning quite a bit and will be listening to this book more than once to get all out of it that I want, I have also ordered the book so I can read it.

Other things I have on my list to learn more about are: Puritans, Howard Hughes, P. L. Travers, the lost colonies of Hatteras Island, Prayer boxes, Andrew Carnegie to start with.

The Puritans because I read a book by Rebecca DeMarino titled A Place in His Heart and they were Puritans so it spiked my interest. Howard Hughes because we have seen the Aviator a ton of times and he seems like an odd but interesting duck to me. P. L. Travers because I watched Saving Mr. Banks and want to know more about the lady who created the beloved Mary Poppins. The lost colonies of Hatteras Island and prayer boxes because of the book I just finished by Lisa Wingate titled The Prayer Box - the idea of the prayer box just intrigues me. Andrew Carnegie because he was a brilliant man who was very successful in his lifetime.

What are some things that you find fun to learn about?

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