Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Circle - Setting Goals

I found this blog hop while looking around on the world wide web at some new blogs I have recently found and thought it would be a good idea to join in. This months topic was goals. 

Goals - the result of achievement toward which effort is directed (

Goals are something that I am learning everyone should have in life. Without goals you are going to go no where in life you will just be existing and not living. This weekend my husband asked me to watch a seminar by Jim Rohn, now normally I would not want to do this but this time I have went in with an open mind even though it is four hours longs and I kept thinking there is a book I want to read. I will admit that I was wrong to even hesitate as I have actually been getting something out of it, in fact I have taken four pages of notes and we have an hour left to watch. Jim gives a lot of tips on life and changes you need to make to become more successful. 

Back to goals here is the notes I took from Jim on setting goals. Goals need to be your vision of the future and you need to decide what you want and write it down. They can be small, simple, foolish, important, large or whatever you want them to be. Where do you want to go, what do you want to see, who do you want to meet - these are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself while setting your goals. The greatest value is not what you get but what you become - I just love this saying as it hold a lot of truth. Set the kind of goals that will help you make something and/or become something but remember do not set the goals too low. Don't compromise on your goals do not sell out. 

What are my goals - I have a few right now that I really want to work for and I want to think of some goals for me to set in the future. 

Goal #1 - Think more positively - this is a very hard one for me, for so much of my life I have always heard the negative side of things that that is what I have become a negative person. I do not want to be that way anymore. One thing I need to learn and to start with is to remember that I need to take one day at a time even one hour at a time if I need to. Instead of thinking the negative thought think the positive one. 

Goal #2 - Stress less - now I know I can not cut stress completely out of my life but I can start by not letting things stress me so much especially things I can not change. The big one do not stress over traffic - I can't change the way it is so do not get so upset over it just go with the flow. The next big one for me is work - there are a couple of people at work who the minute they walk in the room I feel a blanket of stress come over me. What I need to do is not to focus on them but focus on the good things and the people I do like. 

Goal #3 - Learn to have fun - I am reading the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and the goal for the month of May is to learn to have fun. How does someone not have fun you say? Well for people like me I always want things done yesterday and done my way or it is not right so sometimes ok I guess most times I skip the fun because I am too worried on making sure things are done my way. Instead of this I need to learn to have fun and if they are not done perfectly and in my time frame it is ok. I really need to learn to let loose and enjoy life. 

These are just a few goals I want to accomplish in my life. They will take some work but I am willing to put the work in to accomplish them. 

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  1. Angela, these are wonderful goals! I love that they are all life-changing goals (as opposed to goals that simply get stuff done). Good luck with your goals and thanks for linking up!

  2. Stress less. YES. I'm working on this too. I tend to stress out a lot.