Friday, May 2, 2014

One Little Word - Post 6


I am very behind in doing my posting for this and want to get caught up and stay on top of it so I can succeed with want I to do with my life. 

In February I had to make a list of actions I want to complete in my daily life. Here is my list:
  • Think of one positive thought each day
  • Smile more often
  • Do not respond to negative comments
  • Do not engage with rude people
  • Smile, say thank you and have a good day to cashiers
  • Have fun - celebrate life
  • Calm down - don't let things anger me so much
  • Do not to let things get me down
In March I needed to create a vision board. I am still working on this so for now I am going to answer a couple of questions that relate to this project. 

What have I learned so far? One thing that I have learned is that this project is hard for me. I want to change - I try to change but there are more days than not that I am my same old self. My plan is to continue to try and make the changes I want to see and really try and focus on the positive. 

How do I best connect with my word? I guess I can say the way I am connecting with this word (CHANGE) is that I try to think of it often, but again I need to do more doing and not all thinking.

What was a success and what what a challenge? One success for me may seem like a small one but it is a change for me. I have been remembering to tell cashiers thank you and have a nice day when I go through their line. I also think I have been doing pretty good with not engaging with rude people. Two things that challenge me the most is to Calm down and not let things get me down. Those are two of the hardest things for me. 

In April I was to choose something I wanted to let go of. 

I would say the thing I want to let go of the most is anger and sadness. This will be a work in progress over time to accomplish completely. 

Where do I see my word working? Is it loud/quiet? For me my word needs to be loud and working in every aspect in my life. I need to learn to act different and to feel different. When someone does something I do not like I need to learn to let it go. When I am upset try not to cry so much. 

What steps have you taken in your life to welcome your word? I welcomed my word by always looking for positive phrases to put me in a better mood or bring me up not down. Now I just need to live out what I have been reading. 

How are you living your word? One thing that comes to mind when I see this is the change I have made when I go shopping. I have been telling the cashiers thank you, smile at them and say "have a good day'. Not only does this cheer up the cashier and make them feel good, it makes you feel good to help brighten someones day. 


  1. I love this re-cap of your word! I definitely want to do something like this for my word of 2014 - Do! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I am glad you liked my post. Thank you for stopping by.