Sunday, May 25, 2014

Found It! - Volume 8

The websites I found this week:

Gratefulness - This website provides education and support for living a grateful life

Stratejoy - This website tells/helps you to learn how to love your life

The Change Blog - A blog that offers advice and stories on changing your life

Robyn's Nest - A fun blog that shows one women's journey in her life, crafting, cooking etc.

Tshirt & Jeans - A blog that is about keeping life simple and enjoying the meaningful

Live and Love Work - This blog helps you to find balance and happiness in and out of the office

The books I found this week:

Lady of Ashes & Stolen Remains by Christine Trent - these two books are mysteries set in the 1800s in London. To read more about them click here (Amazon).

Rutherford Park & Wild Dark Flowers by Elizabeth Cooke - these two books are set in the early 1900s in England and are reminiscent of the Downton Abbey series. To read more about them click here (Amazon).

Benedict Hall by Cate Campbell -This series of books is set in Seattle in the 1920s. To read more about them click here (Amazon)

The French House by Don Wallace - This book is about an American couple restoring a French house (my description does not do it justice). To read more about it click here (Amazon).

Love Does by Bob Goff - This is a book about stories of love and how to discover an incredible life in an ordinary world. To read more about it click here (Amazon).

The quotes I found this week:

All of these quotes this week come from Jim Rohn. I am in the process of watching a lecture by him and these quotes just stuck with me.

The greatest value is not what you get but what you become.

Everything affects everything - nothing stands alone.

It's not what happens that determines your future it is what you do about it.

You cannot change the seasons but you can change yourself.

Learn to reap in the harvest without complaint.

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