Friday, April 25, 2014

The Gratitude Project - Day 24

Today I am grateful for The Big Bang Theory. Yes I know this is something silly to be thankful for but I do not care. My family is a very big fan of this show, it is the one night a week that we all sit down together watch a show, laugh and talk. We are such big fans that we have all the seasons on dvd and have watched them so many times that we know a lot of lines by heart. We also own a board game, dice game, card game, bobble heads, pens, pins, bookmarks and yes t-shirts. There is nothing we do not like about this show except that new episodes are only on once a week. I know many people do not like the show - most of my extended family but we find it entertaining and sometimes you even learn a fact or two about science which is not a favorite subject of mine. I hope this show continues on for many more seasons. 

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