Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happiness Project - April

Happiness Project - April

This month Gretchen talks about "Lightening Up" and parenting. My kids are both older now (21 and 18) so some of the things it is too late for me to apply but I can tailor them to fit into other areas of my life. 

Sing in the morning - I don't know if I will sing to my daughter when I call to make sure she is up in the morning but maybe I can sing along with the radio on the way to work. I am not a big singer or music person so this is a little out of my comfort zone. 

Acknowledge the reality of people's feelings - This can still work today for me. If my kids or husband are upset, not listening or complaining then don't get angry at them for it, listen to their emotion then tell them you understand their feelings and acknowledge their feelings so you can help them. 

Be a treasure how of happy memories - This is one I really want to try and work on. I want to start writing down happy memories from my childhood and about family members. It would be a nice thing to leave for my grandchildren and children. This sentence made perfect sense to me - " happy people remember happy events better, and depressed people remember sad events better. Depressed people have as many nice experiences as other people - they just don't recall them as well." I have experienced this in my own family where two of us remember things one way and another another way all because of who we are. 

Take time for projects  - I have quite a few projects that I need to get done and not just because I "have" to but because I want to. Maybe this will be the push I need to get the done. Another thing this book mentioned is that there are four stages of happiness just as there are five stages of grief. The four stages of happiness are: anticipate it, savor it (as it unfolds), express (happiness) and recall (a happy memory). Each of these make perfect sense and we should each use them. 

In closing remember that your mood can affect all of those around you - so let's try to think happy this month. 

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