Friday, April 25, 2014

Found It! - Volume 4

Websites I found this week:

Change is my only constant - this is nice blog about change in life and she has some fun posts
Katie Normal Girl - this nice blog writes about embracing simple pleasures and inspiring others to try something new
Oak and Oats - this a fun lifestyle blog that writes about living simply, healthy and naturally
Lazy Boleyn Blog - this is a good blog that writes about various topics
Me with the three - this is a nice blog that writes about family and uses a lot of photography

Books I found I want to read:

The Girl Who Came Hoe by Hazel Gaynor - this book is about the Titanic and a girl who survives the crash. To read more about the book click here (Amazon)
The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenrow - To read about the book click here (Amazon)
The Death of Lucy Kyte by Nicola Upson - A fun looking mystery. To read more about the book click here (Amazon)
Alone Yet Not Alone by Tracey Leininger Craven - A nice looking historical fiction book. To read more about the book click here (Amazon)

Music I found this week:

Thunderhill - this is Native American Pow - Wow group that I stumbled upon
Only time by Enya - this was a relaxing song for me
Meanwhile back at Mamas by Tim McGraw - this is his newest song on his upcoming album

Quotes I found this week:

Don't limit your challenges - challenge your limits.
Live Simple, Dream Big, Laugh Lots, Be Amazing, Give Love
Be the boss of your own life.
Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.
It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things. 

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