Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Little Word - Post 4

More thoughts on my One Little Word - CHANGE

In what areas is your word already visable in your life?
I have been trying to work on this a little so I have been collecting things to help me change and to keep on the positive track. I have positive quotes hanging at home and work as well as I have my necklaced that says changed. I use all of these as little reminders to do the right thing.

What do you fear most in 2014?
I think the biggest fear is failure that I won't change. This would be the negative thinker that I don't want to be talking through. Another fear is that if I do this change the way I want, certain people in my life will not be supportive of me and that hurts. I know the one that matters most to me is very supportive but there are others who won't be and it hurts to think that they will be this way, but that is also the reason I am working on this is so I won't be that way. There is nothing worse than being made fun of for what you want to really do in life.

What are you most excited about in 2014?
That I really can do this, I can be a better person, I can be happy in my life, I can CHANGE. Also I know I will see things in a better light by making this change. I can and I will change.

What is something you want to change in your life?

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