Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happiness Project - February

February was about how to remember love. Here are Gretchen's suggestions:
  • Quit nagging
  • Don't expect praise or appreciation
  • Fight right
  • No dumping
  • Give proofs of love
Quit nagging - Let's see this is a big one for me as I find myself nagging when I don't mean to. So I have tried to watch it, but this is very hard for me as when I ask for something to be done I want it done, please don't wait because I will ask again. I need to learn ore patience and let them do it at their pace then I won't be nagging.

Don't expect praise or appreciation - Most of the time I am good with this one. I like to do things for my family because it makes me feel good and they are happy when I think of them. Just their smile is praise enough for me.

Fight right - This one has been ok as well as we have not been having any big fights lately and when we do have a disagreement I try to see his side and not let things bother me so much. Just remember do not go to bed mad.

No dumping - Another biggie for me. I like to call Scott when I am having a bad day or just need to talk as he is one of the only people I can tell anything to. Well I have to learn that this is dumping and when I do this - it also puts him in a bad mood because he wants to fix things for me and he can't always do that. This will be a work in progress

Give proofs of love - We do this all the time so this was easy for me or at least with Scott it is. Scott and I always give each other hugs, kisses and say I love you. I do on the other hand need to do this more with my kids. I am not a real huggy type person and my daughter is and she likes hugs so I need to learn to give her more. This needs to be an ongoing thing for all families. 

Stay turned for March

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