Friday, November 8, 2013

I am back

It has been awhile since I have posted and I am sorry. I had every intention of posting each day for 30 days but life seems to get in the way. Here is a little of what has been going in my life. 

My husband has been very sick and we were not sure what was wrong with him. After a visit to our family doctor who said their was nothing wrong with him and then him doing his own research, we found a specialist. Luckily what he has is not life threatening and is what seems to be a common ailment for men. He is now on his second week of medication and starting to feel a lot better. 

I have also been trying to catch a cold or have allergies or a combination of both. I am now at the coughing stage and it is driving me crazy. I do not like taking medicine so that makes getting rid of it even harder. 

I am going to try to post more often but just remember if I forget or get busy I will be back. 

Today I am a going to do a little thing called Finally Friday. I am calling it that because I am glad that it is finally Friday and the work week is over. This weekend I am looking forward to getting some reading time in, catching up on tv, doing some yard work and enjoying family time during this three day weekend. What are you looking forward to on this Friday?