Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days Writing Challenge - Day 2

Here we go for day two of my writing challenge. I came home from work sick so I am having a time of trying to decide what to write about today. I want to stay upbeat on my blog so let's see what we can come up with today. 

Ok I have decided I am going to pick out a few quotes and post them and my thoughts on them.

If we remember to start each day this way things would not seem so bad. By being grateful for the simple things in our life that can begin to outweigh the negative. I say think of at least two things each morning that you are grateful for. 

A saying like this seems so simple but it is so large. This is another thing you can challenge yourself to do, say one kind thing to at least one person a day. Remember when you make someone else's day you also make your own. 

What can you that is not already said in this saying? These rules are a good set of rules for everyone to live by. I know that they are sometimes hard to live by but I think we should each at least try to live by. 

What are your thoughts on these sayings I picked for today? Until tomorrow - I wish you all a sunny cheery day. 


  1. I love all of your quotes! And, I kind word can change someone's entire day!
    Its good to find the positive side to look at in life.

  2. I love that first one, about beginning the day with a grateful heart. Makes me think of a Beach Boys song I love. "You need a cool head and a warm heart to get you through the day without coming apart. You need a cool head and a warm heart, and that's how every day should start."

    1. I really need to remember that quote myself, it may make my drive to work easier.