Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of Writing Challenge - Day 4

I want to say I am sorry for missing day four so today I am going to do two posts to catch myself up. 

Yesterday was a work day for me then I had to go back to town as I forgot something and ended up having a nice little girls night out with my daughter and mother. After I got home I worked on the kindle I gave my mother in law. I loaded about 300 books on it for her. My grandma won a new kindle fire and gave it to my mom and therefore my mom gave me her kindle touch and in turn I gave my mother in law my kindle. 

I want to say a little about mother in laws. Most people have nothing nice to say about their mother in law's but I have to say that I happen to like my mine. We have a lot in common and get along very well as long as we don't live together. It is nice to talk to her and tell stories about my husband. I also like the way she talks about my kids - it makes me very proud. Another thing that I think it very nice about my mother in law is that when I call her she always asks about my family. She does not have to do that but she does. Thank you for listening to me tell you a little about my mother in law. I wanted to post something positive about something that most people usually have nothing nice to say about. 

So do you have in-laws? Do you get along with them? 

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