Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days of Writing Challenge - Day 9

Here we are already at day 9. I know I promised my post of my idol today but we had a bad day at work today. All the work we put into our excel program for the last two days was lost so I spent the morning re-inputing info. Not to mention I am fighting an allergy or cold so I am just drained this week. 

I am going to talk about football today. This is one of my favorite sports to watch. Now I don't watch college football although I have been to a Nebraska Huskers game once, I choose to watch NFL football and The Green Bay Packers are my favorite team. The reason I chose to talk to about this tonight is that it makes me feel good watching a good game. 

Last night my husband and I watched a very good biography called the House of Manning. In case you don't know much about football this is about Archie, Cooper, Peyton and Eli. I have to say this was one of the best things I have seen lately. My family is a fan of Peyton so of course we were drawn to the program, after watching it I know more about his entire family and what a great person his father Archie was and is. Archie made it a point to be a dad to his boys and do to the best at it and the be a football player second. Unfortunately Archie lost his father when he was a freshman in college and it was horrible for him so he wanted to the father he wasn't. I think he succeeded and after hearing his sons talk I think they would agree. This family is so humble that if you did not know them you would not know how successful they are at what they do. They are a very close knit family. He made sure to give his boys advice they could carry with them the rest of their life. 

Another football biography I watch recently was Tom Coughlin the coach for the New York Giants. I will be the first to tell you that I did not like Tom and could not stand watching him go up and down the sidelines But all that has changed. I watched his biography and my whole outlook on him took a 360 degree turn. I now tell people that you should watch his life story. He is such an inspirational man not only to his team but to his family. He too has a very good support group around him in his family. I was so taken by the things I heard him talking about and telling his team in this show that when I found he wrote a book I had to have it. Unfortunately, I have not read it yet as you all know I have tons of books on my to be read pile, but I will get it read soon. 

Even if you are not a football fan I recommend that you watch these two shows - I saw them both on the NFL network but I am sure you could find them online. 

Thank you for letting me ramble on again tonight. Have you seen a show or biography lately that has inspired you?

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  1. Great insights to the game of football! =)
    I enjoyed your post!

    I enjoy "true" documentaries also. I have watched The Temple Grandin story, and its very inspiring!