Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of Writing Challenge - Day 5

Today's is going to be a post about some memories of Halloween's past. It is nice to remember things. 

When I was growing up in Kansas we had one Halloween I remember well. One year the church I went to celebrated as a whole and even the adults got dressed up. My mom dressed up as a hobo and my dad dressed up as Dolly Parton. It was very funny to see your parents dressed up. We had fun that year and went trick or treating in the whole town as a group. 

One other Halloween that stands out for me is the year that we had so much snow and it was so cold in Nebraska that we did not think we could take the kids trick or treating. At the time the kids were only 3 and 6. So we found out that the local nursing home was offering trick or treating for the kids. I am not normally a fan of nursing homes but thought we would try it. Not many people were there so I was glad that we took the kids. The elderly love seeing people especially little kids. The smiles on the faces of the residents was enough to warm you. As for the candy the kids got more candy that year than they did any other time of trick or treating. 

After we moved to Florida for the first time we lived in a neighborhood that was just one street in and out. All of us got along and our kids enjoyed playing together even though Rachel was the only girl. Well one year we decided to have a block party for Halloween rather than to try and take the kids out. There were only six families including ours. The kids had a lot of fun at this party. We had apple bobbing as well as some other games and then one of the neighbors took his tractor and flat bed trailor and put some hay on it and loaded the kids up and took them to the next neighborhood over to trick or treat. 

I am glad that I was able to provide my kids with some good memories and that I have some from my childhood as well. 

What is a memory you have of Halloween?

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