Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Changes - Friendship Friday - Just a little late

Hello all I am a little late with this post as I wanted to do it over the weekend but just lost track of time. This week's Friendship Friday post by Create with Joy is about change. I thought this would be a good thing for me to right about on this blog. So here goes:

Change - What a word this is, it can be good, bad, or even stressful for some. I try to think of change as a more positive thing. If something bad is going on in your life try to make a positive change to rid of the bad/negative. Of course, I know this is not always possible, fixable or even easy. 

One change in my life that I am dealing with right now is at my job. A co-worker has been put on probation due to her performance. I have assumed some of her duties per the boss so I guess she it taking her anger out on me as well as most of the office, but for some reason the brunt of it is being shot my way. It has been hard coming to work when there is a thick cloud of tension in the air and someone treats you bad because you are doing your job as you are told to. I am trying hard to be positive about this change as I like what I am doing now. I feel more useful and I get to do a variety of tasks now. I have also been given more responsibility because I have proven myself as a good - responsible worker who gets the job done in a timely manner. 

Good changes - I am trying to also make good changes in my life. Sometimes I stray as it is hard to stay on a positive path when there is so much negative in this world leading you the other way. The change I really want to work at is trying to stay positive and to say more positive comments rather than bad ones. In my personal experience I seem to pic out the bad in things - when you do this it seems like you are always running into problems and if something bad is going to happen it seems to happen to you. It sounds so simple to say "I want to be more positive" but I find it hard to do especially when I have been just the opposite for so long. But what is the saying the journey of a lifetime begins with the first step. 

So how do we make this change? For me I try to look for positive sayings and then save them, whether in a journal, in an email, on a sticky or even a pinterest board (click here to see my pinterest sayings board). I also try to look at the good side of things - this one is probably the hardest one for me to do because sometimes you just don't want to see the good. Another is that I try to find books to help me. I read the Happiness Handbook and enjoyed it, my next book is the Happiness Project. Right now I am following the Happiness Project's Blog (which you can find here). She has many great things to help you out. One thing is that I get a happiness email each day with a saying to help set your day off right. I am also participating in one of her 21 day challenges, right now she is offering the relationship one for free so that is the one I picked. I would like to do a couple of the others as I think they would really help in my life especially the one about dealing with a difficult person. She also offers a book called Happier at Home which I am looking at as well. I encourage you to check out her blog at the very least. 

One big thing about change that you should remember is that only you can make the changes for you and to your situation. So my challenge to everyone including myself is to get started on whatever change you want to make in your life whether it is large or small and never let anyone discourage you. 

So what is one change you would like to make?


  1. One change I would like to make in my life is to volunteer more with my Son! I think that would be a great way to give to the community and to meet new friends!

  2. I like your "change" topic. I think everyone has to strive to make positive changes in their life. Sometimes your surroundings make it very difficult to do this. You know how I feel about being positive. I still keep up with my positive journal. On the days I can't find a positive thing for the day, I write down a positive quote that I might find on EB etc. I am striving to be more positive when I get to work. It is very difficult when dealing with the public and dealing with some managers that other co-workers and myself feel are tyrants and treating us like we are in kindergarten.
    Angela-- I like your quote board on Pinterest! I might have to steal some of them. LOL!