Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello Again

Hello again all. I am still here and kicking. Things have been going pretty good with my eating and the exercising I am doing. I will say for my daughter's birthday this week that I had a piece of Oreo ice cream cake and it did taste good. I am very happy to report that I when I stepped on the scale this morning I am down 7 pounds. Even though this may not seem like a lot to some people it is a milestone for me.

Last week was not very good as we had some changes at work. Most of the changes I did not mind as I now get to do a variety of things, but the part that I have to give up part of my work was a little hard. You see I take pride in my work and the fact that I am current on it and to give it up to someone that plays around and does not get their work done is very hard for me. Therefore I have had a hard time staying positive this week while at work. Today I woke up saying I am not going to let what others do or do not do affect my day. It is not worth it to have others ruin my day. Let me tell so far today this has worked for me. Maybe I should think this way everyday.

We have had good things happen this week as well. To some people it may not seem like a lot but to us even the small things count. My daughter turned 18 this week and we were able to skype with all but one of my nieces and nephews as they all wanted to wish her a happy birthday.Also she got her learner's permit for driving which has made her a very happy girl. Then tonight we are going to open house at school and she will be a senior in high school. Where does the time go. Any day I get to talk to them is a good day. My husband started a new job with great benefits and it is doing something he likes to do - painting airplanes. My son got his first real paycheck from his first real job and was very excited about it and I am a very proud mom. I have received a few books in the mail that I have either won or have been asked to review. All in all this is good for each of us.

So let me hear from you now. What good things have happened to you recently? Are you staying positive? Just want to say hi? Thank you all for supporting me in this venture.

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