Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

I know two posts in two days, right. Well I found another meme that sounded like a fun thing to write about.

This meme is hosted by Colletta's Kitchen Sink and I thought it would be fitting for this blog. It is called 5 on Friday.

This week's five on Friday is list five things that made you smile this week. Here is my list:

1. Talking to my son on the phone for 30 minutes when he called me out of the blue. 

2. Seeing pictures of my 3 year old nephew in the pool with his 19 year old sister having fun.

3. Giving out booklets and bookmarks at the library today to help an author promote her book. 

4. Hearing my family say the new recipes I tried this week were great and keep them. 

5. Joking with the young guys at work, they always know how to make the day go by faster. 

Ok I am going to add a few extras here. 

6. Getting a letter from an author that was very personal and you know she paid attention to your review blog. 

7. Seeing my daughter smile and be happy about school this year. 

8. Our cat Blue trying to "help" me whether it was preparing veggies for supper, folding towels or cleaning the bathroom. 

9. Being able to help someone who calls at work and getting a thank you instead of being called names.

10. Having a four day weekend with no plans but to read. 

Ok your turn what are five things that made you smile this week? I would love to hear them. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday's Question of the Day

Hello all - I know it has been a little while since I have posted again. I have been thinking about what to write about. No matter what I have been thinking of this week it would all sound like just a bunch of rambling nonsense so instead I ended up not posting anything. Well I was cruising through my bloglovin tonight and came upon this meme by Good Choice Reading so I thought ok I can write about that, so here goes.

This Thursday's question is: Do you keep a bucket list?

I don't have a bucket list per-say. Years ago I read the book Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber. In this book the characters come up with their twenty wishes for life and scrapbook about them. Me being a scrapbooker and list maker jumped on this idea to make my own list. One thing you need to remember when making your list whether you call it a bucket list or twenty wishes is to not make them so out there that you will not reach them, some can be challenging to you and some need to be easy to reach. 

A few of mine were seeing both of my kids graduate high school, well my son has already done this and my daughter is a senior this year. Another was to meet Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as well as Brett and Deanna Favre. Of course if you know me at all another thing I want to do is to visit Lambeau Field - for you non-football lovers this is where the Green Bay Packers play. Something else I had on my list was to visit some historical places in the US such as Gettysburg. I am sure if I were to sit down again today and write a list I may have some different things on there that I want to do, then again maybe not. To me there is nothing wrong with writing down your dreams - your list can be as long or as short as you want it to be. 

What are some things you would have on your bucket list?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friendship Friday - Hobbies

Wow two posts from me in two day - right. Well I saw this week's Friendship Friday hosted by Create with Joy was about hobbies and thought I can write about that. 

Everyone that knows me knows that my biggest and most favorite hobby is reading or should I say collecting books. Ever since I was little I remember loving to read. When it was Friday we used to go to town to get groceries, go out to eat and get a toy. While my sister and brother would get that toy I on the other hand would pick out a book. As a young kid I liked reading Laura Ingalls Wilder, Nancy Drew, and Encyclopedia Brown. As a teen I started on the romance books of Silhouette books teens and Sweet Valley High. Now as an adult I read most genres except for horror, science fiction and paranormal. A few of my favorite authors are Diana Gabaldon, Sara Donati, Laura Childs, Rhys Bowen, Robyn Carr and Barbara Taylor Bradford. 

Along with my book collecting I collect bookmarks. I used to always buy a new bookmark every time I bought a new book. Now a days I don't do that so much instead I look for bookmarks that mean something to me or that I can't live without. Some of my favorites I have picked up lately are Big Bang Theory themed bookmarks, Keep Calm, cupcake, and landscape themed bookmarks. I usually try to match my bookmarks with the book I am reading - for example if I am reading a historical book I will try to pick a historical themed one. If I am reading a cozy by a certain author and I have a book mark from her I will use that bookmark. My collection of bookmarks how now reached well over 1000 and continues to grow. 

Another hobby of mine is to collect post cards. One reason I like postcards is they can take you to places where you may never get the chance to go. I have postcards from all over the world. I am on a quest to get one from each state as well and am almost there. Every time a friend or relative goes somewhere I ask two things - Can you please look for a postcard and bookmark for me. They are a cheap way to travel. My collection of postcards has reached over 500 at last count. One of these days I am going to put them all in a book. 

My last two hobbies go hand in hand with each other. They are both a hobby that sometimes I do a lot and other times I don't do at all. I have to be in the right mood to do them. They are scrapbooking and card making/stamping. I have been doing both since my kids were little. I used to use stamping as a stress reliever at the end of the day when my kids would go to sleep. Then I got into card making as it was fun to do and people love getting homemade cards rather than a store bought one as its just means something to them. I have to confess I have not done either of these for quite a while now and really need to get back into it. My daughter and nieces love looking at the scrapbooks and show them to people all the time. It is nice to know that I have done something they will enjoy forever. 

It's your turn now. What kind of hobbies do you have? Are they collecting something? Making something? Helping someone? Tell me about them, I would love to hear from you. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello Again

Hello again all. I am still here and kicking. Things have been going pretty good with my eating and the exercising I am doing. I will say for my daughter's birthday this week that I had a piece of Oreo ice cream cake and it did taste good. I am very happy to report that I when I stepped on the scale this morning I am down 7 pounds. Even though this may not seem like a lot to some people it is a milestone for me.

Last week was not very good as we had some changes at work. Most of the changes I did not mind as I now get to do a variety of things, but the part that I have to give up part of my work was a little hard. You see I take pride in my work and the fact that I am current on it and to give it up to someone that plays around and does not get their work done is very hard for me. Therefore I have had a hard time staying positive this week while at work. Today I woke up saying I am not going to let what others do or do not do affect my day. It is not worth it to have others ruin my day. Let me tell so far today this has worked for me. Maybe I should think this way everyday.

We have had good things happen this week as well. To some people it may not seem like a lot but to us even the small things count. My daughter turned 18 this week and we were able to skype with all but one of my nieces and nephews as they all wanted to wish her a happy birthday.Also she got her learner's permit for driving which has made her a very happy girl. Then tonight we are going to open house at school and she will be a senior in high school. Where does the time go. Any day I get to talk to them is a good day. My husband started a new job with great benefits and it is doing something he likes to do - painting airplanes. My son got his first real paycheck from his first real job and was very excited about it and I am a very proud mom. I have received a few books in the mail that I have either won or have been asked to review. All in all this is good for each of us.

So let me hear from you now. What good things have happened to you recently? Are you staying positive? Just want to say hi? Thank you all for supporting me in this venture.