Monday, July 29, 2013

Another week on the journey

I think I did pretty good last week, although I have to say I was getting tired of chicken and fish. I have now solved that problem as we went through our book and found some recipes we are going to start making. We had vegan French toast for breakfast yesterday and let me tell you it was very good. You use bananas and a milk substitute (we used almond milk) instead of eggs and milk. It was like eating warm banana bread. We have found out we did not like Amy's black bean burgers but enjoyed Boca Burgers. It is all about trial and error at this stage.

Another thing I became vastly aware of this week is how many food commercials are played on TV. I had not really thought about it until one night Scott brought it to my attention so I watched and it seems every other commercial on TV is for some sort of junk food and then following that is a commercial for a prescription drug. It is just crazy. Another place that seems to push junk food is your grocery stores. When I stopped at a local store on the way home from work one night I noticed this. When you fist walk in the door, at every checkout and in the middle of the aisles what do you find but junk food. It is very tempting to see those new cookies that are brownie filled but I stuck to my guns and walked right on by to find some healthy alternative. I did I found some dried fruit that will curve my sweet tooth just as good and it is better for me.  I can proudly say I made it out of there with no junk food.

Here is another thing that bothers me. Our government claims they want us to eat healthier and be a healthier society but they don't want to help. No I do not expect them to hold my hand and take me to the store and show me what I need to get. What I mean by this that if you want to help everyone to eat healthier make it more affordable, help to reduce the price of healthy organic foods and have better rules so that organic means organic and not just lower fat but add more sugar substitutes so it seems healthier to the person who does not take the time to really read the labels. Help do away with junk food - crack down on those companies a little more. Have you ever stopped to compare the price of healthy foods vs. junk foods? I did - I was going to buy chocolate chips - now the package says sugar free but if you read the back of the label there is a man made sugar substitute in there and their nutritional label reads about the same if not worse than the chips with the sugar in them. Not to mention the price was twice as much. Why is the price so much more - you are not having to add anything - I guess it costs more to take something out than it does to add it. We are adjusting in our family to the price of things and really reading labels to make sure we get the healthiest product. Don't just trust the front of the package.

So in closing I am going to say that although this is going to be a sometimes tough and sometimes long journey, it is going to be worth it in the end.

On a side note - I started this blog to help keep me on track with the healthier eating lifestyle we are doing but I am going to also be using this for my motivation to stay on the positive track as well. So you may see a post about healthy eating then see a post about staying positive and then again there may be a post combining the two. I believe these two issues are going to go hand in hand and I need to try to stay focused on what I want and not what others want of me.


  1. I would love to talk to you about all this. Right up my alley. Give me a call if you still have my number.

  2. Take each day at a time, it will get easier finding those healthier foods!
    And like they say..."everything in moderation" ..and if you are really craving a favorite food, then just take a smaller portion. =)

    Good luck!! =D

  3. At Weight Watchers meetings we call it balance and moderation.

  4. How are things going with the healthier foods??